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Byton is ready to go

Foto: Future Mobility Corporation

“Wir kombinieren die Exzellenz der deutschen Premium-Autoindustrie mit der Innovationskraft des Silicon Valley und der günstigen Qualitätsfertigung in China”

Carsten Breitfeld, Byton

Byton – “Bytes on wheels” is ready to launch in 2019. Interesting article about the status quo as well as goals and roadmap.

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McKinsey identified five crucial use cases to drive commercial EV adoption



Photo by Pexel.

McKinsey on how commercial fleets could go electric rapidly. Understanding total cost of ownership and focusing on specific cases is critical. McKinsey developed a granular assessment of battery-electric commercial vehicles (BECVs) for 27 CV segments across three different regions (China, Europe, and the United States), three weight classes, and three applications.

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